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Code of Conduct

Camp MachoLA participants are a part of a wonderful dancing community. Please be sure to respect each other and support our social, cultural and festive environment on and off the dance floor.


1.Abide by all hotel and conference center rules.

  • Smoking is NEVER allowed inside the building and is ONLY allowed in designated areas outside of the campus.

  • Be considerate of all hotel guests, especially in the late hours of the night.

2. Abide by all local civic laws.

  • Underage drinking and consumption of illegal substances is NEVER allowed.

  • People under the influence or otherwise exhibiting inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave camp.

3. Be courteous and friendly. There are old friends to catch up with and new friends to make.

  • Welcome people to your tables.

  • Be welcoming in the dance circle.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask one of our Camp MachoLA staff or dedicated volunteers. 


For any additional questions please email us at

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